Some of our current and recent projects



We are currently working on a fantastic new website for Hoodja, meantime enjoy a preview of their music recorded at one of their sessions at the Black Isle Brewery bar.... you can also find them on facebook...  here

  1. Content Management System - Wordpress
  2. E-Commerce Solution - WooCommerce
  3. CRM Solution - Agile

National Photonic

Our first E-Commerce website since the company became official.

The Company

National Photonic is a new company set up in May 2016 to serve the measurement needs of the UK professional lighting community.

The Website

During the consultation process, we evaluated several different solutions that would provide National Photonic the tools they required for a successful E-Commerce business. The final decision was to use Wordpress, Woocommerce and Agile CRM.

The resulting website is a customised child theme with both standard and customised plugins.


  1. Content Management System - Wordpress
  2. Multiple Businesses


The Company

It is now common for people to have multiple business interests and projects working at the same time, the LisaVMBiz combines Lisa's massage business and her home working opportunities.

The Website

The website features a landing page which allows the visitor to choose between LV Massage and Freedom Works, each option takes you to a landing page for the selected business and the customised menu allows the websites to appear as two seperate entities in the one domain.