Time to DANCE!

I wanted to share my notes from a short presentation I created earlier this week on effective communication, it was fun and let me reflect on how I communicate and how I could improve.




Don't Deviate

Deviation makes the purpose of the communication less meaningful, stick to the topic to maintain relevancy, focus on the meaning of what you want to say- aim to increase understanding by considering how your message might be received by others. Clear and direct communication can help avoid misunderstandings and conflict.

Do Pay Attention

Don't pay more attention to mobile devices – this gives the impression you are not engaged Do Learn to listen not only to what is being said but how it is being said and the non-verbal communication that is being conveyed at the same time. Use clarification and reflection to confirm what someone has said and help to avoid confusion

Do Stay Neutral

Don't be defensive or attacking – some people tend to be defensive or attacking during conversations If someone points out your mistakes remain neutral and transparent don't become overexcited or you may miss the point of what is being discussed and you won't be able to think clearly Maintain balance to everyone involved in the communication has a fair part.

Don't be overly Confident

Do be confident in your ideas and take ownership of your words – increases trust Don't overshadow others or belittle them – this devalues the communication and will stop people from joining in. Don't interrupt unless absolutely necessary, it is rude and hampers the communication, if you do have to interrupt do so politely by apologising or asking permission

Do Empathise

Do try and see things from the point of view of others – I always like to think of a quote from To Kill a Mockingbird “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view . . . until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” Don't be biased or judgemental Think before you speak be aware how what you are saying might affect your audience, try and connect with them to show the communication is important Be Respectful when communicating, in person make eye contact and body language to show you understand what the other person is saying, if it is a written communication check to ensure that it cannot be misinterpreted and if you are on the phone, don't multi-task it can take your attention away from what the person is saying.

Speak soon

Rachel @ Damselfly